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How do I install an ADSL line filter? - 600 Series Phone Sockets


How do I install an ADSL line filter? - RJ11 connection


I am moving house and I want to know what to do with my ADSL connection.


I have made some changes to my voice telephone service and now my ADSL does not work.


What are the settings I need to have to run ADSL on my computer?


Username = username@webzone.your-dsl.net
Password = password

ADSL Technical Settings:
VPI = 8
VCI = 35
default encapsualtion = PPPoE VC-Mux (or if that does not work try PPPoE LLC)
handshake protocol G. dmt
MTU = 1400
MRU = 1400
MSS = 1360

PPP Settings:
Authentication protocol = Auto or CHAP
Default IP = or blank
Default subnet mask = or blank

DNS Settings:
Use server assigned dns

Email (POP3) = mail.webzone.net.au
Email (SMTP) = mail.webzone.net.au
News (Usenet / NNTP) = news.webzone.net.au
Home Page = http://www.webzone.net.au/

General Details
Your Email Address = username@webzone.net.au
Your Home Page = http://my.webzone.net.au/~username/
FTP / Home Page = ftp://username:password@my.webzone.net.au/

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